Tuesday, October 19th 2:00-4:30pm CST


the Monsters

Have you mastered your monsters???

Do you ever wish you had more control?

What is that internal or external monster that causes you not to feel in control of your life, relationship, business, or career?

In the month of haunt and horror, we are going to bring these monsters to light with Milwaukee's best coaches and talk through how to master them!

Don't be like this guy ---->>>

We can all fall into the tendency to stay stuck in our own heads, in our own business, in our own way. That's when the monsters stay!

As coaches, we regularly see the internal and external monsters that make leaders and individuals feel less powerful and less capable of creating the desired future they want to create.

We want to share those insights with you!

Make connections with others who are passionate about owning their creation of the life, business, and career they want to have.

There will be panels, discussions, and an open forum to ask the coaches your questions.

Join us for a frightfully fun time of building connections with fellow professionals, developing yourself professionally, and walk away with clarity on how to master your monsters!

Whether the "monster" you are facing is related to your business, career, or life, you will hear from Milwaukee's best coaches who specialize in different areas of expertise, meet other growth-oriented people, and discover how you may master your monsters!

Master the Monsters is an event filled with growth-oriented professionals who come with a desire to grow their network, their knowledge, and themselves.

Milwaukee's top-tier coaches share how their clients have learned how to masterfully own their success in their business, career, relationships, and life.


Serendipity Labs,

11220 W Burleigh St Suite 100, Wauwatosa, WI 53222

& Virtual


Tuesday, October 19th 2:00-4:30pm CST

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Coaches Culmination Event...

It was great going from presenter to networking!"

What I loved was the opportunity to connect with different, specific groups of people and have some direction to the conversation"

Loved the quicker pace and lots of content. I had a lot of great conversations and some new opportunities to follow up on"

I liked the format and the energy in the room. Topics were concise and speakers were above average caliber"

Great Information, Great Discussions!"

GREAT program, lots of nuggets"

Hang out with these awesome coaches...

Pictured: Amy Krymkowski, Kerri Balliet, Ariel Kopac, Brad Herda, Cyrina Talbott, Angela Bonner, Allison Orlovsky

Not pictured: Heather Price, Sarah Koenig, Barb Waala

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Event Agenda

2 pm - Introductions and What to Expect

Master the Monsters of Leadership

Cultivate Connections!

Master the Monsters of Business

Cultivate Connections!

Master the Monsters of Life

Challenge the Coaches - Q&A

Cultivate Connections!

4 pm - In Person and Virtual Happy Hour

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